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Interlock Cleaning & Sealing

We specialize in cleaning, sealing and restoring any interlocking surface including driveways, patios, pool decks, retaining walls, steps, walkways, curbs, copings, & more. Our repeat customers see tremendous benefits in sealing and maintaining their paver surfaces every 3-6 years. This ensures that the top layer finish of the interlock pavers don’t wear over time from salt, sun, physical wear and/or damage. Our regular maintenance package consists of deep cleaning, stain removal, hot water pressure washing and finally a seal coat that acts as a protective barrier.

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Our Unique Interlock Restoration Process

Completed Interlock Backyard patio after sealing project
Just Sealing - Protective Coatings interlock sealing

Stain and Weed Removal

Our process begins with concentrated stain removal of common stains like rust, oil, moss, algae, and salt. We target and scrub out individual stains with a variety of eco-friendly cleaning solutions.


Just Sealing - Protective Coatings interlock sealing

Pressure Washing

First, surface cleaning is conducted using rotary cleaning equipment. Next, we begin pressure washing the joints of the interlock removing any moss, old loose sand, dirt, and weeds.


Just Sealing - Protective Coatings interlock sealing

Polymeric Sand Application

Once the surface is dry, we begin installing new polymeric sand of the corresponding colour. Sand is swept into all the joints, blown off, then rinsed down and activated.


Just Sealing - Protective Coatings interlock sealing

Sealer Application

After the surface is dry, we move on to the sealing process. Our colour enhancing sealer is sprayed and worked into the interlocking pavers using a roller for an even consistent finish.

Quality first

Our Sealing Products

We only use the highest quality, oil based, commercial grade, & ultra durable products that can withstand diverse weather elements. Most of the products we use are specially formulated enhanced versions of commercially available materials. After testing on hundreds of projects and unique surfaces, we are confident enough to offer a 100% quality guarantee.

Techniseal Product Guide
Just Sealing - Protective Coatings interlock sealing

Water Resitant

Sun and oxidization resistant concrete sealer

Protective Against Sun Damage

Symbol of rust resistant concrete sealer

Rust Resistant

Physical damage preventive sealer from just sealing

Protective Against Physical Damage

Symbol of salt proof paving stone sealer

Salt Resistant

Non slip sealer additive symbol for just sealing sealer

Mixed With Non-Slip Additives

Symbol of oil resistant concrete sealer

Oil Resistent

Symbol for high gloss, matte, and no gloss sealer

Available In Multiple Enhancing Finishes

What Our Customer Say

5 Star Review Just Sealing

Excellent experience from start to finish.

Very responsive and highly professional crew with an attention to detail.

Would not hesitate to call on them again for future jobs.

– Jeffrey

5 Star Review Just Sealing

I’m a perfectionist and the job they did lives up to my standard. Couldn’t be happier, every inch sparkles and shines. They went above and beyond.

– Beatrice

5 Star Review Just Sealing

“This is the second time that we have used Just Sealing services for our interlocking driveway. Their team members are professional and take pride in their work. The results are outstanding.”

– Lorraine

5 Star Review Just Sealing

From start to finish exceptional customer experience. They made sure that every question was answered in detail and the project completed on time.

– Jeff

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Protect Your Investment

Why Is Interlock Sealing A Good Idea?

Enhance the look of your interlock surface, whether new or old, with our enhancing products. Looking for a wet look, matte look, natural colour enhancing look? We can achieve it all! A sealed surface is not only protected but looks great, rich in colour & elevated. Our products and process are designed to bring out the best in any exterior surface!

Old, dull, discolored & damaged surfaces can often be restored to like-new condition with a fraction of the cost over replacement. Our team can restore most neglected surfaces to a high level, which is a big upfront effort but makes maintenance seamless moving forward. Consult with our team if restoring & maintaining can save you thousands & is a much better path forward.

Regular interlock sealing prevents deterioration, shifting, chipping, discolouration & damaging wear on the expensive materials used to construct your landscape. Interlock deteriorates much faster when left un-sealed & exposed to the elements.

Protect your investment and extend the life of any surface! A consistent interlock sealing & cleaning program completed every 2-3 years can extend the life of treated surfaces 5-10 times longer than if left neglected. Interlock sealing not only prolongs the life of your surface, but maintains the look, richness of colours, and sheen of your pavers.

Just Sealing - Protective Coatings interlock sealing

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