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Wood Sealing & Restoration

We specialize in restoring, sealing, and staining a wide variety of exterior wood surfaces. If you just installed a brand new wooden deck, we can seal and protect it to preserve the look and integrity of the wood. Have an old fence or peeling deck that is weathered? Our team can hot water pressure clean and brighten the wooden boards, then seal them with a colour of your choice. Our process of cleaning, conditioning, stripping, sanding, and sealing works on virtually any wood surface. Pergolas, outdoor wooden playgrounds, gazebos, sheds, & even wooden patio furniture, we can restore it all.

Wood Restoration Services

Restore your property with our full suite of wood sealing & restoration services for any surface.

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Sheds & Gazebos

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Our Unique Deck Restoration Process

wooden deck restoration with hot water pressure washing
Just Sealing - Protective Coatings deck restoration

Pressure Washing

The first step in our wood restoration process is an initial hot water pressure washing of the entire wood surface. Our team removes years of dirt, grime, discoloration, and staining. 


Just Sealing - Protective Coatings deck restoration

Stripping & Conditioning

Next, if the wood surface has an existing paint or stain, we begin our stripping process. A hand application of our eco-friendly stripping agent to the entire surface is followed by another round of pressure washing. The wood surface is then treated with a conditioner and pressure washed for the third time. 


Just Sealing - Protective Coatings deck restoration


Once the wood surface has been cleaned or if paint/stain still remains on the surface, we begin our sanding process. The entire surface is sanded down using multiple tools and sandpaper variations to achieve a smooth and clean surface. The wood shavings are then blown off and bagged.


Just Sealing - Protective Coatings deck restoration

Wood Sealer Application

We seal all of our wood surfaces (decks, fences, pergolas, etc.) with an industry-leading oil-based sealer. Our sealer is always hand applied by brush so that the product can be thoroughly worked into the wood, creating a long-lasting finish.  

Quality first

Our Sealing Products

We only use the highest quality, oil based, commercial grade, & ultra durable products that can withstand diverse weather elements. Most of the products we use are specially formulated enhanced versions of commercially available materials. After testing on hundreds of projects and unique surfaces, we are confident enough to offer a 100% quality guarantee.

Cedar Fence Sealed With Oak Sealer
Just Sealing - Protective Coatings deck restoration

Water Resitant

Sun and oxidization resistant concrete sealer

Protective Against Sun Damage

Symbol of rust resistant concrete sealer

Rust Resistant

Physical damage preventive sealer from just sealing

Protective Against Physical Damage

Symbol of salt proof paving stone sealer

Salt Resistant

Non slip sealer additive symbol for just sealing sealer

Mixed With Non-Slip Additives

Symbol of oil resistant concrete sealer

Oil Resistent

Symbol for high gloss, matte, and no gloss sealer

Available In Multiple Enhancing Finishes

What Our Customer Say

5 Star Review Just Sealing

“I am very pleased with the service provided to clean & seal the new deck I built. I appreciate the help provided in explaining what would be the best option to protect & seal the new deck. Looks perfect after the sealing has been applied today. Khaled and team were on time, very respectful & took the time to show me the work afterwards & were careful to protect our plants. I would recommend Just Sealing for anyone looking to refurbish their deck.

– Mathieu

5 Star Review Just Sealing

So friendly! Great work and very reliable. The deck, walkway, driveway look amazing.

Great customer service!

– Sharon

5 Star Review Just Sealing

Great job on a 30 year old deck.

Looks much, much better.

Workers were courteous and professional.

– Lorraine

5 Star Review Just Sealing

Marwan & team were amazing! They are a very professional crew who paid a lot of attention to detail & left me very happy with the end result. I highly recommend this company!

– Dimaz

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Protect Your Investment

Why Is Sealing A Good Idea?

Enhance the look of your wood surface, whether new or old, with our enhancing products. Looking for an espresso, walnut or ashwood look? We can achieve it all, and much more! A sealed surface is not only protected but looks great, rich in colour & elevated. Our products and process are designed to bring out the best in any exterior surface!

Old, dull, discolored & damaged surfaces can often be restored to like-new condition with a fraction of the cost over replacement. Our team can restore most neglected surfaces to a high level, which is a big upfront effort but makes maintenance seamless moving forward. Consult with our team if restoring & maintaining can save you thousands & is a much better path forward.

Wood and deck restoration prevents deterioration, shifting, chipping, discolouration & damaging wear on the expensive wood used to construct your project. Wood deteriorates much faster when left un-sealed & exposed to the elements.

Protect your investment and extend the life of any surface! A consistent cleaning & sealing program completed every 2-3 years can extend the life of treated surfaces 5-10 times longer than if left neglected. Deck restoration and/or sealing not only prolongs the life of your surface, but maintains the look, richness of colours and durability of your wood surfaces.

Just Sealing - Protective Coatings deck restoration

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Just Sealing - Protective Coatings deck restoration

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Just Sealing - Protective Coatings deck restoration

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