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    Commercial Power Washing Services

    Our full line of commercial cleaning services is focused on vehicle fleets, industrial buildings, retail plazas, apartment buildings, offices, and condominiums. We have the equipment and expertise to tackle any project, from completely transforming a neglected property to maintaining a fleet of vehicles year-round. We offer one-time, weekly, and monthly cleaning packages to cater to the exact needs of high-demand industries.

    Commercial Pressure Washing Just Sealing Van

    Pressure Washing Services

    Restore your property with our full suite of pressure washing services for any surface or project.

    Truck & Fleet Maitenance

    Parking Lots & Garages

    Malls & Plazas

    Apartments & Condos

    Equipment Cleaning

    Commercial Properties

    Industrial Properties

    Building Exteriors & Walkways

    Offices & Industrial Units

    Industrial Pressure Washing

    We know the importance of maintaining your building inside and out, so our full suite of power washing services is designed to achieve just that. Our team offers full exterior cleaning services for driveways, walkways, courtyards, patios, & more. We also offer parking garage pressure washing, interior unit pressure washing, loading bay cleaning, and more. From one-time services to a regular maintenance schedule, we can create a package to suit your exact needs. 

    Retail Plazas

    Parking Lot, Walkway & Drive-Thru Cleaning

    We can help make your retail location shine with a full suite of exterior cleaning solutions. We offer regular pressure washing of parking areas, drive-thrus, walkways, entrances, driveways, and loading areas. This creates a welcoming environment for walk-in or drive-thru customers, boosting sales and brand appeal. 

    Commercial Fleets

    Truck & Equipment Cleaning

    Maintain your fleet of trucks, vans, and heavy equipment with our one-time, weekly, and monthly cleaning packages. Our industrial-grade hot water cleaning equipment is powerful enough to safely remove all harmful road debris, salt, dirt, grease, and oil. We know first hand what it takes to maintain a fleet year-round and can help keep yours roadworthy through all conditions. 

    Property Maintenance

    Apartment & Condiminium Cleaning

    We offer full exterior restoration and cleaning packages that can completely transform your building’s exterior. From interlock paver restoration, to concrete cleaning, to exterior hot water pressure washing, wood cleaning, BBQ cleaning, pool cleaning, patio cleaning, and more. We can put together a package that fits your building’s needs today.

    hot water surface cleaning dirty interlock

    Property Transformation

    Gum, Grease & Stain Removal

    Grease and stains are no match for our powerful hot water cleaning equipment and more than a decade of industry experience. Our team is trained and equipped to remove gum right off your property, clean away salt stains, melt off oil stains, evaporate caked-on grease, blast out pesky weeds, and clean away years of grime buildup. Let us transform your property today!

    What Our Customer Say

    5 Star Review Just Sealing

    “Great quality and reasonably priced. Mike was very professional, promised to start the job and finish on a particular date and fulfilled the promise.
    Very happy with the work done”

    5 Star Review Just Sealing

    The team are amazing, I have used Just Sealing 3 times. They have sealed my aggregate cement driveway twice and they have sealed my pool and patio interlocking also replacing all the polymeric sand.

    5 Star Review Just Sealing

    Mike and his team did a great job, my patio looks like brand new. They were on time and very professional. I would highly recommend their services and use them again. Dominique

    5 Star Review Just Sealing

    Professional and value for money!
    Highly recommend Mike.
    It rained the day sealing was done and that left white spots on stone. Mike came back next day to fix it at no charge.

    Our Unique Pressure Washing Process

    With our refined in-depth process, results are guaranteed.

    Commercial Pressure Washing Equipment Just Sealing
    Just Sealing - Protective Coatings

    Hot + Cold Water Cleaning

    Our industry-leading industrial grade cleaning equipment allows for hot water and cold water pressure washing with enough power for the toughest jobs. We use rotary surface cleaners for smooth surfaces, rotating power nozzles for tough stains, and variable wands for accurate rinsing.

    Just Sealing - Protective Coatings

    Weeds + Large Debris Removal

    We remove large weeds, debris, overgrown shrubs, moss, and more. We prune back overgrown shrubs, trim overgrown overlapping grass, remove weeds by hand, and use blowers to clear larger debris prior to the pressure washing process.

    Just Sealing - Protective Coatings

    Concentrated Stain Removal

    Concentrated stain removal of common stains like rust, oil, moss, algae, and salt. We target and scrub out individual stains with a variety of eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Once the stains are removed, we move on to our pressure cleaning process. 

    Just Sealing - Protective Coatings

    Steam Cleaning

    Hot water and steam cleaning are a great way to remove tough stains without using harmful chemicals. We always prefer to clean with just water, unless directly removing spot stains. Our steam cleaning equipment is twice as effective over cold water alone and helps kill weeds, moss, and algae.

    All Commercial Services

    Love your business with our full suite of pressure cleaning, sealing and epoxy packages.

    Warehouse Transformation

    Pressure Washing

    Epoxy Flooring

    Commercial Sealing

    Just Sealing - Protective Coatings

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    We provide all quotes within 24 hours!